What are on demand data science fields in the market?

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Puneet Singh

Puneet Singh

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All of us are aware that data science is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. It is moving up at a rapid speed, and it’s demand is increasing every day. Data science is a very lucrative career and can open a lot of opportunities for the individual. 

You might also be aware that data science is not a narrow field. Some people have a misconception that data science is just limited to analyzing and visualizing data so that management can make informed decisions. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Data science is a very vast field with a lot of roles and opportunities. Here let me tell you the top 3 in-demand fields in data science. 

Machine learning engineer: Machine Learning(ML) and artificial intelligence(A.I.) are the two most important things in the data science field. Imagine a software that can anticipate your customers’ and clients’ needs and serve them accordingly. Can you imagine the convenience that it will provide to the company? This is what a machine learning engineer does. Basically, you can say a Machine Learning engineer is a mix of data scientists and software engineers. Machine Learning engineers work closely with data scientists and ensure that the data which is to be interpreted by the models created produce the most accurate results. 

Business Intelligence Developer:  Business Intelligence Developers, or say BI developers, are the engineers whose job is to interpret large amounts of data sets in front of the management. Their roles also involve the collection of data and simplifying it so that non-techy people can understand the information. The creation and maintenance of software tools to be used by the company also falls under their role. 

Statistician: This is a profession that requires high analytical, statistical, technical, communication and leadership skills. The role of a statistician is to understand the trends in the market, identification of possible threats in the market, and the effect of competitors' moves on their current business. All this falls under a statistician’s role. They are given large data sets from which they derive this information and present it to the top-level officials. 
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