What are my options if want to do higher studies abroad after BCA?

Asked by Mamta Rao almost 2 years ago

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Manash Bhattacharjee

Manash Bhattacharjee

Second year Undergraduate Student at Loughborough University

As you have asked for options, I would like to recommend a Master in Science. To be specific, a computational masters in science. It is only the most obvious answer. It fits better with your undergraduate and you can get one in every corner of the world. The other option I want to add is a Master in Management course. And do not worry, masters in management courses actually fit well with computational background.

Here, let me make it separate:

Why Exactly MSc? Computer applications is an academic discipline. And being a CS subject, an academic masters is the best fit. For an extensive career or further education purposes, an MSc in computational subjects makes more sense. These courses are directional and have the best core modules. So if you choose an area for a specialization it is most likely to be one of the core subjects. Hence more relevant education.

An MSc degree is as recognized as any other graduate level degree. And mostly, they are best for doing a PhD or following a career in research. The core jobs like data scientist, system analyst, security manager etc. require specific qualifications. These will only be obtained by a specialized MSc degree in the computational field. So if you plan to go for the core fields in the subject this will be a much relevant course of action.

Master in Management (MIM). Just because you did not specifically ask for related masters, I really think an MIM degree is just as good as an MSc, maybe better. I get that it will divert you from your concentrated field. But MIM programs are specialized as well. You can choose courses like master of Computer Management or master in Information  Management.

First, these courses are good for building management skills. With a MIM degree, you will unlock more job opportunities. Getting a managerial position in a company will be much easier. And the only major reason I can see not to do an MIM here is a research-based career. If you are not interested in that, you must consider MIM as an option. The earnings will be higher, job prospects will be better and you will have more international exposure with a MIM by your side.

If you had given your academic details, it  would be much easier. For example, what GPA you have in BCA or standard test scores like things. These details help in determining which courses are best fit and what can be done to make your profile stronger.


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