What are my chances of getting into top Business schools if I score well on the GMAT or GRE?What else could I do right now in graduation to improve my profile?

I am currently pursuing B.Com from Delhi University. I have maintained an average GPA of 3.3 and scored 94% in class 12th.

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Tejaswini Malik

Tejaswini Malik

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The GMAT is scored on a scale between 200 and 800, and it can be difficult to see the average GMAT ratings for top business colleges and now not worry. Stanford's Graduate School of Business, for example, has an impressively excessive common rating of 737 for their present-day incoming class. (And, it has accomplished such numbers year after year.)

What's a top GMAT score?

The answer differs from the United States of America to the country. For example, in 2013, the United States had more GMAT check takers than India and China combined, even though the common test scores of these countries during that time had been significantly higher than the American result. In case you're wondering, in 2013, 53 nations fared higher with GMAT rankings than the US, and many of them don't recognize English as an authentic language in their country. It's a style that's continued through the years.

Things have sincerely changed over the previous years with a sharp decline in American test takers' responses to the serious upswings in China and India. And the increase in check takers has translated to higher GMAT ratings in China and India, while lower numbers of US take a look at takers took home greater implied scores. So your great GMAT rating is a perfect 800 out of 800. The GMAT top score of 800 places you in the 99 percentile category, which means that you've scored greater than 99% of all candidates.

According to most MBA experts, a score above seven hundred is great, while something over 650 is good. A 700 GMAT rating for top MBA programs is usually the norm; however, having a GMAT score beneath seven hundred doesn't mean you don't risk getting into the pinnacle enterprise schools. Most business colleges' assessment functions with lower rankings as well. The GMAT rating range doesn't start at zero, and you don't get a hold of a certain quantity of factors for a correct answer. Instead, the check assumes that you are common and assigns you an average score before it flashes the first question.

Average GMAT rankings for top enterprise schools internationally vary. And therefore, there is no perfect score to be aimed for. But, of course, scoring greater on the GMAT will, without a doubt, improve your potential of getting into a pinnacle university.

Also, you can take up minor projects in your graduation to improve your profile. A good academic record can also assist in enhancing your profile.


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