What are the best colleges to do a Masters in Chemical engineering while also not being too pricey?

Asked by Shreya Dash almost 2 years ago

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dania ortega

dania ortega

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Masters in Chemical Engineering is nowadays a very popular program. I myself have seen many questions related to this masters program in different countries. Answering many of them, I got to know some new and very good universities that have master courses in chemical engineering.

I can recommend some really good ones from the USA. I would always recommend the USA for a chemical engineering course, whether it is a bachelors or a masters. The country has been a leading hand in chemical engineering for decades. The research and new innovations in the fields are carried out in big labs in the USA and many dedicated universities do this work alone.

I would suggest looking for these universities -

  1. Illinois Institute of Technology - CEG
  2. The University of Alabama in Huntsville
  3. University of Maryland
  4. Colorado State University
  5. Western Michigan University
  6. University of Tulsa
  7. University of Utah

Illinois Institute of Technology is probably the best answer here. Since you asked for affordable universities, its entire tuition fee comes to around 32 lakhs. Considering the university name and its reputation, I don’t think that’s too much. Then the other four options are really good as well. They all have a masters in chemical engineering courses with a total tuition of under 30 lakhs. I bet you already know some of these names.

Anyway, the last two, the University of Tulsa and Utah, are your cheapest options. Basically, their Masters in Chemical Engineering program is somewhere around 15-17 lakhs in total. These universities may not be that famous, but they are really good. A science and engineering degree from these two are quite valuable.

I suggest you look for schools that align with your profile, interest and future objectives and are affordable alongside. I know that doing all this can look like a difficult task so you should directly get in touch with experts here. They will help you with all the information that you require and will guide you on the complete process.

Hope this helps!


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