What all carrer options i may have if i completed robotics and iot related master's course abroad?

Hi i like to ask a carrer related question . i am computer science engineering graduate . i like to do a course in robotics and IoT . what all carrer options i will be having once the completion of course. also i would like to know what all are best university i can look into to secure my career in robotics field

Asked by Nirmal Ram almost 2 years ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

Here are the top 10 careers you can choose after completing an MS in Robotics

Design Engineer

Design engineers make the visual look of a robot. They regularly start by portraying

diagrams, schematics, or figures of a robot’s planned plan, then, at that point, work with

a mechanical engineering group to guarantee those plans are followed accurately

during improvement.


Computer Programmer

Computer programmers work intimately with programming architects and developers to

incorporate new programming with existing frameworks and stay required all through

the robot’s development to guarantee full usefulness is accomplished. 


User Experience (UX) Designer

The work of a UX designer is one aspect of robotics considered integral but regularly

underrepresented in the larger robotics field. While building robots, sometimes

engineers can overlook what the user needs, identifying that it is up to the UX designer

to represent this perspective in the development process. 


Data Scientist

As most robots run on information, crafted by a data scientist is basic inside the robotics

field. These experts are answerable for planning information displaying processes and

making the calculations and prescient models on which the information is assembled

and deciphered. 


Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence engineers are liable for the mechanization part of robotics. These

experts depend vigorously on information and prescient investigation in their work. 


Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers extensively plan and test robots utilizing information about

mechanical and electrical designing abilities. They are locked in innovative work of

independent robots for new applications in the industry.

Robotics Programmer

This occupation requires programming the robots, creating and approving the

mechanized cycles, and arranging frameworks reconciliation with the most recent

robotics innovation



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