Well, I want to study abroad for my BTech (undergraduate course) this year. I'm going to complete my inter 2nd year from Telangana. Where should I begin?

Asked by Kiranmayee Avula over 1 year ago

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Ritu Jain

Ritu Jain

Student at Shri Ram College of Commerce

Well to start fresh, you should know the things that matter the most. Like which countries are good for studying abroad, what does it cost, what kind of programs are offered there etc. if you aren’t aware enough, you will be making choices on limited options. I can’t cover everything here but I’ll try to keep it brief and informative.

First of all, you have to choose a country and a university. The USA has the largest international student body, approximately 1,075,496 during the 2019-20 cycle. The UK and Canada come next. If you are interested in overall growth like your academics, curriculars, community aspect, and networking, then the USA is the choice. Canada is more of a cheaper option with a high ROI. Lastly, the UK has short one-year masters that start directly from your specialization. So choose accordingly.

Since you are a tech student, I would suggest selecting a course as per that. The most relevant ones I can think of are IT, software development and data science. All of these fields are very diverse and have a good earning potential range of $70,000 to $100,000 (around 55-78 lakhs). It is really a matter of your goals and interests, but it will be better if you have enough details regarding the most popular choices abroad.

Lastly, bachelor courses in abroad countries require test scores like ACT and SAT test scores. These are conducted multiple times a year and you can attempt these with a few months of preparation. Try to score as much as possible. Because based on your test scores (these and your high school), your eligible universities will be decided.

I believe this should do. These are the major things you need to consider before planning your bachelors. With time you will know what are the crucial points and what are flexible. You should get in touch with study abroad experts here. They deal with these things on a daily basis. As for help or any kind of questions to be answered. Let me know if I can help anymore.


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