We don't get a bachelor's certificate without clearing backlogs, do universities accept without a bachelor's certificate?

Asked by Shiva prasad about 1 year ago

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

Student Athlete

Unfortunately, applying to any University abroad for full-time admission is impossible without submitting a Bachelor's degree. Therefore, an academic transcript is one of the few mandatory documents to be presented during the application process for entry to a university. Nevertheless, many universities offer their applicants the chance to explain low grades or low academic performance through their essay questions. Also, please remember that your profile evaluation is based on factors other than literary merits, such as extracurricular activities, social work, and professional experience relevant to the course.      

If your scorecard is tainted, consider the following factors:

1. Country's selection criterion- There are various variations in the requirements of countries. For instance, a candidate's academic profile determines their likelihood of being accepted in Germany. In contrast, the US and Canada consider the overall shape, with social work contributing to a candidate's profile. Accordingly, you may be interested in researching Universities in the following countries that are seeking applicants interested in pursuing overarching development.

 2. Essay questions- The essay questions allow you to stand out from your peers by detailing your international experiences, major achievements, and skills, depending on your profile.   

3. Profile building- Before applying to universities, take a certificate course, internships, projects, or learn another language to enhance your skill set compatible with the course. 

 Don't give up on your dream to study abroad because of backlogs. Instead, use these tips to turn in an application to a college that matches your profile. Good luck!


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