Want to know the universities that offer masters in data science in usa and uk and australia and new Zealand?

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

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Data Science is undoubtedly the most promising profession for engineers these days. We stay in an age of information explosion. The management and evaluation of records amidst the statistics deluge for bettering the outputs of companies and agencies is turning into more and more difficult with each passing day. It used to be exactly this kind of a mission that led to the coining of the term and the emergence of this interdisciplinary region to find out about in the closing few decades. Typically, information science is the confluence of laptop science, statistics, arithmetic and management, oriented toward observing, analysing and organising records such that it helps to decrease the gap between the genuine phenomenon and human understanding.

Data Science is one of the youngest disciplines, and there has been substantial controversy over its repute as a separate discipline. It was stated to be rooted in the business-oriented use of facts which led many specialists to claim that Data Science is purely a voguish term for enterprise analytics. However, of late, the technological and commercial enterprise fraternities have come to a consensus that Data Science is a separate self-discipline that is oriented closer to discovering patterns that can be used for predictions. There is no wonder that Data Science has flourished as one of the most popular and beneficial fields in the final few years, mushrooming into a number of extra specialised sub-disciplines. Today, each main college has a separate branch that affords Masters in Data Science guides and strives to be a leader in Data Science research. Unsurprisingly, no business enterprise or public group can pass the advantages of using expert information scientists today. 

Universities offering masters in data science in new Zealand are as follows:- 

University of Auckland 
University of Otago 
University of Canterbury

Universities offering masters in data science in Australia  are as follows:

University of Melbourne 
The Australian National University 
The University of Sydney
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
University of Queensland 

Universities offering masters in data science in UK are as follows:

Royal Holloway University of London
King's College London
University of Strathclyde Glasgow
Queen Mary University of London
University of Leeds 

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