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The visa interview is the last step in your long journey to study in the US, and an extremely essential step as well. At the time of your visa interview, you will be required to carry all the documents required for student visa USA. It is evident that your visa documents for US will speak for you, and importantly that all your documents required for US F-1 visa interview are flawless!.There can be times during the interview when the Visa Officer may not be too convinced by what you say, and that is the ideal time to show a particular document and win over his trust. 

After receiving an acceptance letter from your university or college in the US, you will receive the I-20 form in order to start your F-1 student visa process. The US student visa interview is a personal interview wherein you will be asked about your intent of studying in the US, along with other things like your academic background, financial capability, etc.

Getting required visa documents for US visa should be at one’s top priority while applying for a student visa to study abroad.The US embassy visa appointment and interview process has recently been split to 2 days. The first day is when you get your photo and fingerprints taken. The second day is the day of your interview.

How to Book a US Student Visa Interview?

Now, how to book appointment for visa interview?

You can book F-1 visa slot through a US embassy visa appointment using your barcode and fee receipt. Once you are done with booking your US student visa appointment, you need to start with an F-1 visa slot booking for the VAC (biometrics: photograph + fingerprint) at least a day before the interview.

After your US student visa appointment is booked, and you are done with your biometrics, you will need to attend the F-1 US student visa interview with the documents required for US visa interview.


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