Various courses available in biotechnology and would usa /uk /Canada be better for it?

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Kaivan Dave

Kaivan Dave

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The US and the UK, Canada, and Australia are among the top global biotech hubs. Biotechnology is the study of living things and biology to develop new goods and technologies that alter the world in various ways. There are about 450 life sciences and biotech businesses in the Boston-Cambridge area, popularly known as the Life Sciences Corridor (LSC). One of the most active biotech-pharma clusters in the world is located here. In the Boston-Massachusetts region, investments totaled $1.62 billion in the second quarter of 2018. Ranking biotech by a nation can be done in a few different ways, including by the number of companies and by the amount spent on R&D. The United States dominates the R&D market, spending more than its closest rival, Japan. Switzerland, France, Germany, and Denmark are the other major consumers; they each account for about 10% of the market. Before you select any of the countries, just keep your budget, scholarship programs provided by universities in each country, and the living cost of the country, and then make up your mind. If you want to know about any particular university from the above-mentioned countries just ask us. 


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