USA ,UK , Canada, Australia from these countries which country is most affordable and provides you with the most job opportunities while and after pursuing my MBA .?

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dania ortega

dania ortega

Operations Analyst at WD

UK is one of the leading nations in banking sector and the top MBA graduates around
the world are recruited by top banks in United Kingdom. Since students from different
parts of the world come to pursue MBA from top universities in UK, one can make great
connections here. Generally GMAT and TOEFL /IELTS scores are considered when
seeking admission to colleges in UK
there are around 553 MBA universities in the USA. Out of these around 288 universities
are publicly funded while 265 are privately owned universities. MBA in USA is one of the
most sought-after courses among international students. According to the US
Department of Education, the USA is the largest MBA market in the world with more
than 1,25,000 students pursuing their MBA annually. 
 Australia and Canada are equally good for education. I personally suggest to consider
applying management programs in USA, UK and India as they have some of the world’s
best institutions for Management education. Some of them include:
1. Harvard Business School
2. London school of economics
3. Imperial College
4. Stanford University
5. Wharton school of Business
6. Indian Institute of Management (IIM’s)
7. Xavier Labor Relations Institute (XLRI)
8. Jamnalal Bajaj Insitute of Management Studies
9. SP Jain institute of Management and Research
10. NITIE, Mumbai.


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