I want to know university/colleges which has MS in information systems or MS in management information systems (MIS)?

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Blake Prescher

Blake Prescher

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Management Information Systems or MIS is the software designed to instruct you on capabilities associated with IT and business. With MS in MIS, college students get the foundational commercial organization expertise with guides focusing on Information Systems. MIS application teaches students the software of computer-related science to managerial programs. After finishing the graduate program, students are organized to take on jobs where they have to provide picks to the issues the company/organization is going through.

This program is offered via the capability of industrial enterprise schools and schools of Information Studies. The MIS program is a nice mixture of science and management that equips college students with the practical ability to significantly change organizations with the aid of technology. Many college students mistake it for MBA, however, MBA and MIS are different programs.

Popular faculties offering MS in MIS: 

  1. Bellevue University (NE)
  2. Carnegie Mellon University
  3. University of Maryland (UMBC)
  4. University of Maryland - College Park
  5. New York University (Stern)
  6. University of California, Berkeley
  7. Syracuse University
  8. Oklahoma State University (Spears School of Business)
  9. University at Buffalo – SUNY (School of Management).

Eligibility standards to pursue MS in MIS:- 

  • Usually, commercial company faculties require the candidates to have a bachelor's degree in IT or business.
  • Apart from this, colleges additionally are given candidates a bachelor's in Corporate Finance, Organizational Development, or Human Resources.

Anubhooti Dubey

Anubhooti Dubey

MentR-Me Team

For students interested in pursuing an MS in Information Systems or Management Information Systems, several top universities offer excellent programs that merge technical proficiency with business insights:

  1. Stanford University: Offers a strong program focusing on the integration of IT and business, preparing students for strategic decision-making roles.
  2. New York University (Stern School of Business): The MS in Information Systems at NYU Stern is tailored for those aiming to excel at the intersection of IT and business leadership, with New York City providing a vibrant backdrop for numerous professional opportunities.
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology: Known for its technological focus, Georgia Tech’s MS in Information Systems is designed for those who seek a deep technical foundation coupled with management skills.
  4. University of Minnesota (Carlson School of Management): Features a robust MIS program that emphasizes the application of information technology to solve business problems, supported by strong industry links.

Each of these institutions not only provides a solid academic foundation but also offers vast networks and career services that are instrumental in securing internships and employment post-graduation. It’s advisable to review each program’s specific offerings, faculty expertise, and alignment with your career goals to make the best choice.


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