Top universities in the USA for MS in Data Science?

Asked by Mamta Rao almost 2 years ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

You could not have picked a better place for an MS in data science. Out of all countries, USS has the best universities and hence best data science master's courses. Since data science is a highly scientific subject, the most common degrees in this subject are Master of Science (MS). Universities in the USA are not just good for data science programs but also related courses with data science. Some of the prime examples are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Coming back to the top universities there for MS in data science, as I mentioned, there are a lot. But mentioning all of them is just not practical. Here are the ones that I most recommend:

  1. UC Berkeley
  2. Carnegie Mellon University
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology
  4. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

These four universities in the USA are most known to offer top data science programs. They are also the very best ones for technical courses like computer science, IT and engineering. UC Berkeley will be my first pick, without a doubt. But it does not mean that the rest are in any way inferior. The fee structure of data science programs for these universities basically ranges from around 30-40 lakhs per annum. I know it seems a big amount, but you asked for the best ones in the entire country. Plus, the return on investment (ROI) you get after your graduation justifies this number pretty much.

For instance, the salary of a UC Berkeley data science graduate in his initial years is above $100,000 (over 78 lakhs) to be a minimum. In fact the university mentions a salary of $144,234 (around 1.13 crore) with a $27,849 (around 21 lakhs) bonus. The compensation of a UC Berkeley data scientist is 33 lakhs, which by the way, is more than the USA average for a data scientist. This is one of the reasons why I mentioned that it is one of the top universities in the USA for data science programs. Not just in the USA but globally these four universities are the top names in the data science game.

And if you think that salaries and earnings aren't the only things, how about employment? Universities like UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Georgian Institute, and the University of Illinois have near 100% placement records. They basically range from 95 to 100 percentile consistently. I think this is enough to give you an idea of it. Let me know if you have any more questions in this matter. I would be happy to help with anything related to data science or USA-based universities.


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