Top universities for masters in Neuroscience in UK?

Asked by CLAVITA RODRIGUES over 2 years ago

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candice samuel

candice samuel

Recruiting Manager, Operations at Apple

If you are interested in neuroscience masters, at least choose the right place for it. You don't know but the field has contributed too much recently to the European economy. So the subject is already in demand. You can also get many options for specializations in the UK. Beautiful you ask for top universities, I have something you will like -

University College London - This one is surely the #1 choice for a master's in neuroscience. I can vouch for UCL not just in the UK but amongst all of the available options. And to top that the university offers a degree that is bigger than any other options on the list. You will have much better chances to develop in any other locations too.

King’s College London - I would recommend King’s College as the second option after UCL. The college is recognized well and it also has a name in specialized courses. A neuroscience degree in King’s will definitely be worth it. By the way, King’s College is ranked in the top spots for neuroscience and behaviour. And for the college itself, I don’t think an introduction is necessary.

Imperial College London - Imperial is far behind King's or UCL. In fact, in terms of best universities, it exceeds King’s and is almost on the same level as UCL. But for neuroscience programs, I would say it's your third option. And Imperial College is more consistent with career development. You will have more network and employability options with Imperial.

A normal MSc in neuroscience is more impactful than normal. As you must know, these courses have become the primary source of neuroscientists and neuroscientific research findings in the UK and Europe. All the major development has been affected by the education sector in neuroscience. 

Lastly, you should also consider your profile before applying to these schools or any school for that matter. A quick way to do that is, you can check out this FREE school explore tool, which will generate an ideal school list for you based on your profile. It will help you skip the hassle of searching for schools that fit your profile. 




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