Top schools abroad for AI Data Science courses?

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When we hear the name A.I., doesn’t it bring so many techy things to our minds? Talking robots, high-tech machines, and futuristic gadgets, we imagine the world of the future. Artificial Intelligence has already entered a lot of phases and areas of our life, and why not? Who doesn’t want their work to be automated. 

The world is changing and in a few years, it will become completely different from what we have been seeing. The future is in artificial intelligence, and because there is going to be a rapid boost in its demand, there will also be many-many career opportunities for the students in this field. 

So, let me help you in finding the right place to excel in this high growth industry. Here we will discuss the top 5 schools abroad where you can do A.I. data science programmes:-. 

  1. Harvard University: Harvard has a comprehensive graduate programme in Data Science, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence. This programme will strengthen your foundation and make you proficient in the latest programming languages and other softwares to give a strong boost at the beginning of your career. 
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT): MIT has a program by the name Applied Data Science program that will give you deep knowledge and help you in developing the necessary skillset to become a skilful data scientist or artificial intelligence engineer. also, the salary package at MIT is very impressive
  3. Stanford University: At Stanford, there is an Artificial Intelligence Professional Programme, that equips the students with all the industry-relevant tools and the necessary skill sets so that they can become skilled professionals with exceptional capabilities and high proficiency in the subject matter. 
  4. University of Cambridge: The MPhil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence is a robust programme that makes the students future-ready and helps them in having the right qualities of a skilled artificial intelligence engineer. 
  5. University of Oxford: The A.I. programme at Oxford is renowned for giving the most practical knowledge and making them proficient in handling any complexities when it comes to the domain of artificial intelligence. 

So far, we have discussed the 5 universities that have world-class programmes in artificial intelligence and are among the best in the world. Choose the one as per your needs and goals and, all the very best, 


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