Top reasons to aim for the University of Massachusetts, Lowell?I want to do a computer science masters?

Asked by Raj Singh about 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

The computer science programmes at UMass Lowell are excellent and do a fantastic job of preparing students for the workforce. Be aware that three UML programmes may end up being categorised as "Computer Science."

A more traditional and academically oriented Computer Science curriculum is available through the Kennedy College of Science. A computer engineering curriculum with a dual concentration on software and electronic engineering is available from the Francis College of Engineering. Additionally, the Kennedy College of Science provides a major in computer technology (a more flexible collection of programmes encompassing network engineering, pure software engineering etc.).

The programme did a good job of balancing theory and practical application, and because of my education, I was able to start working right away.

Like any CS-related programme, it's a tonne of work, and keeping up with the learning speed might feel like trying to drink from a firehose. However, all programmes are thoughtfully designed and instructed by academics who genuinely care about their students' success.

It costs less to complete the curriculum than it would to attend a public school, and you graduate with a high solid, practical education. UML is frequently classified as an "underrated" university by news organisations like Forbes, US News and World Report, and Business Insider because its alumni earn more on average than graduates of colleges with similar rankings in their mid-career years. In my opinion, you should apply to any of the CS or engineering-related programmes at UML.


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