Top countries for statistics course for Data Science?

Asked by Raveena Tomar almost 2 years ago

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Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy

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The only good countries for statistics courses in Data Science that come into my mind are the USA and UK and Canada. For statistics courses in Data Science, these are the very best names I can give you. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of programs available in other countries too. Like if you take Australia for example, the country is exceptional in education abroad. However, data science programs in the country are not well developed right away let alone statistics ones.

For these three I mentioned, I would consider the USA  for the very best option. It tops the list in every aspect; top universities, better education, postgrad opportunities, lifestyle and earning after graduation. This is not even a debate that the USA is the hub for data and information. Jobs in statistics, analytics, data science are most common in this country. An average statistician data scientist earns around $75,000 (around 57 lakhs) annual income in the USA.

Coming to the UK, it is your idle option if you are more inclined towards a research based career or further education. The postgrad education opinions in the UK after your statistician data science degree are very good. Basically even their post grad certificate courses hold some value as a PhD and the country is a center of research and innovation. Plus the UK is home to the best specialized universities globally, excitedly what you need for a course like statistics data scone hamsters.

Canada on the other hand is the cheaper option here. The cost of education in Canada is not much less compared to the USA and UK, but it is still sufficiently affordable. Plus the lifestyle there is what seals the deal. The country has one of the best universities worldwide and the visa and immigration process in Canada is not that tough. Basically, after your graduation, you will find more access to stay and work in the country.

If you look earning wise, both UK and Canada offer around 40-60 lakhs of annual income for statistician data scientists. The difference lies in their education and lifestyle. UK basically follows a one-year fast-paced program and an elegant lifestyle. While Canada has standard two-years courses under the subject with a friendly and interactive environment. It comes down to you which one you prefer. I personally would recommend the USA first and then the UK or Canada. 

If you are looking for the best location to apply for a statistics course in data science, share your profile here. Having your academic records will ensure better judgments while looking for your best possible options. If you need any answer regarding this topic, do let me know in the comments below.


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