Top 10 Python for Data Science interview questions?

Asked by Ram Gupta almost 2 years ago

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Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

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Data science courses are basically filled with Python language. When you aim for a master course in data science, you have to learn various Python components. Because in your course period, you will work with Python heavily. Plus there are like a ton of Python career options available after graduation in data science.

I would say your concern for Python for data Science interview questions is quite valid. Start preparing as of now if possible. You will face some difficulties in your interview if you are not well aware of Python questions or rather the Python itself. Do a short term course or invest a considerable amount of time into it, but you must clear your Python related doubts before an interview for data science masters.

For your top10 Python for Data science interview questions, I have these -

Q1. What is pylab?

Q2. Relation between SciPy & NumPy?

Q3. Python library for Machine Learning?

Q4. Which library is more important, Seaborn or Matplotlib library?

Q5. What would you prefer; nested Python lists or NumPy, and why?

Q6. Difference between Pandas series and single-column DataFrame?

Q7. How do you train and interpret a linear regression model in SciKit?

Q8. What is the process  of building a simple logistic regression model in Python?

Q9. Can you specify a way to handle duplicate values in a dataset for a variable in Python?

Q10. Some libraries in Python that are used for Data Analysis and Scientific computations?

There are a lot more interview questions for Python for Data Science interviews. These are just a glimpse of what kind of questions you need to focus on. Because there are many other things in data science Python like regression, python programming, advanced python, libraries etc. It’s important that you are clear on the doubts that can bring your interview down.

These are the basic Python for data science questions that are very common. You can almost find these interview questions in all these kinds of interviews. The question may be a little twisted but it comes down to these elements in the end. Based on these 10 questions, you can get an idea what will be the aggregate thing.

You can find many mock interviews related to Python for data science online. There are free PDFs, question sheets, tutorials etc. that can assist you with this. But if you are still confused just let me know. I’ll be happy to assist you in any manner possible.


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