Top 10 Data Science interview questions and answers PDF?

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Ruben Osbon

Ruben Osbon

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Students or even graduates greatly misread data science interviews. Know that a data science interview does not ask you complex questions. Instead, they go for the basic ones to see your reactions and delivery process. Just by giving answers, an interviewer can know what your skills are. So instead of practicing tough questions, go for the fundamentals.

For example, I have prepared 10 data science questions for you with answers. G0 through these and tell me what you think.

1. What is data science?
Data science is a field that uses scientific methods and techniques to get insightful information from noisy structured or unstructured data.

2. Difference between data science and data analytics?
Data analytics is a subset of data science. While data analytics revolves around analyzing data, all related tasks and operations fall under data science.

3. What is the difference between data science and data engineering?
While data science uses scientific methods and techniques to read and interpret data, data engineering is concerned with building aspects like databases and storage.

4. What are the best Python frameworks?
Tensorflow and Keras, Numpy, Matplotlib and Pandas

5. What is logistic regression in data science?
It is a statistical analysis method that predicts a binary outcome(yes or no), often based on prior observations of a data set.

6. What is a confusion matrix?
Also called an error matrix, a confusion matrix is a table layout allowing algorithm performance visualization. It is a major part of machine learning and specifically the problem of statistical classification.

7. What is R in Python and used in data science?
It is a language (statistical) used for data analysis and visual representation. While R is good for statistical learning, Python is better for machine learning.

8. Difference between supervised and unsupervised learning?
Supervised and unsupervised learning are used for solving different problems and building models. These are two different types of machine learning techniques.

9. What are the best techniques used for sampling?
Probability sampling & non-probability sampling.

10. What is deep learning?
Deep learning is a kind of machine learning. Deep learning neural networks imitate the structure of the human brain. It is related to artificial intelligence and its functionality.


If you want to get some PDFs, there are sources like pdf drive, Academia, Coursera, and DataCamp that have many interview questions and answers PDFs available. However, I suggest looking for shared interview questions by the universities themselves. Yes, universities abroad offer their actual and sample interview questions to help students. If you need any help finding those, let me know.


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