Tips for pursuing Data Science in the USA in 2022?

Asked by Rohit Sen almost 2 years ago

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Ankur Chaudhary

Ankur Chaudhary

Following my Passion | Undergrad Student at SRM University , Batch '21

Not to mention that data science is one of the most rapidly growing jobs in the world. And if you have selected the US to be the place to acquire your degree and skills in data science, then first of all I would like to wish you all the best and I would like to congratulate you as well because there can’t be a better place to learn data science than the US. 

Now, let us come to the tips that may help you in your endeavor. I assume that you have already got an admission in your desired university so the tips will be according to that assumption. And here we go:- 

1. First of all, if you are studying abroad or even in your native country, then the first thing to pay attention to is your network. Building a strong and skillful network would be beneficial in many ways. So choose people who have high dreams as that of yours. Well, I’m sure that you would be aware of this, but still, you can consider it as a friendly reminder.

The reason why I  kept this point at first position is because of its importance. So make sure to build a strong and skillful network. 


2. If you want to be a successful data scientist, then you should be able to think strategically, so make sure to develop those skills. Also the ability to make quick decisions will also help you a lot. 


3. This skill is quite underrated and you would have realized its importance once you land your job, but fortunately since you are reading this answer, you have got a competitive advantage. And that is the management skills, which include skills to manage everything such as time, team and of course loads and loads of data. The reason is, in your career you may get bombarded with a lot of data and a little time and at the same time, you will have to handle a team as well. So the ability to manage your time, team and data will come handy and you may thank me later. 


4. Next, work on as many projects as possible to have the knack of real life situations and problems. This will also help you in boosting your CV when the recruiter reviews your quantity and quality of projects, it further helps you in getting selected. 


5. Another is quite common and obvious and that is to work on your technical skills and coding skills.


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