The cheapest law College or university in Canada for international students with bachelor degrees. Please provide fees too in INR or CAD?

Asked by Kalpdeep Hooda almost 2 years ago

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Manash Bhattacharjee

Manash Bhattacharjee

Second year Undergraduate Student at Loughborough University

Hello, here is a list of colleges that are affordable to pursue law in Canada:

Newfoundland and Labrador’s University: CAD 710 (USD $560) Per Semester, i.e., 43889.50 INR.
University of Manitoba: CAD 12,000 (USD $9,390) Per Year, i.e., 741794.40 INR.
Concordia University: CAD 24,000 (USD $18,800) Per Year i.e. 1483588.80 INR.
McGill University: CAD 19,000 (USD $14,900) Per Year, i.e., 1174507.80 INR.
Ryerson University: CAD 27,000 (USD $21,140) Per Year i.e. 1669037.40 INR. 
University of New Brunswick: CAD 10,000 (USD $7,830) Per Year, i.e., 618162 INR.
University of Alberta: CAD 9,000 (USD $7,050) Per Year, i.e., 556345.80 INR. 
Just ask us if you want to know anything more about any of the above-mentioned universities.



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