Suggestions for study and jobs after B.Pharm in foreign countries?

Asked by Aakanksha Singh over 2 years ago

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

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Hello, Aakanksha. Hope you’re doing good!

There is a lot of scope for Indian students in foreign countries for further studies as well as employment opportunities. On behalf of what I’ve heard while interacting with my friends in the pharmacy field, Indian students are praised a lot in foreign countries for their hard work and talent. You can opt for further studies and get a MS degree in Pharmacy. This would help you acquire more knowledge and give more insight about the field. 

Top Abroad Universities for Masters in Pharmacy 

1. University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
2. University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
3. King's College London, London, UK
4. University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK
5. University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

All of these universities are considered most sought after for the field. As a candidate, I suggest you go through the university website once. It will give you all the information about their admission process, fees, requirements etc. 

You can also opt for getting some work experience first, before joining the master's degree. There are a lot of pharmacy companies who give out internships to students and based on their performance, also give out placement offers. You can look out for opportunities in production, research and training, or assist in a drugstore. Eventually, you can also think about opening your own drugstore. There is no scarcity of opportunities if you are willing to work hard for them. 

So was my insight helpful? Hit me up if you have any more doubts and I’ll try to be of help as much as I can. 



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