Suggest some certification courses which will help in building profile for commerce graduate?

Asked by Aanchal Dubey over 1 year ago

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Tejaswini Malik

Tejaswini Malik

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

Hey, one may believe that eCommerce is only for local stores or enterprises making the shift to the internet. This is not true. eCommerce allows you to sell any goods or services online. In fact, by 2040, it is estimated that 95 per cent of sales will be conducted online. On that topic, online eCommerce courses aren't just for entrepreneurs. They're useful for everyone who wants to sell a product, including entrepreneurs, authors, industry experts, and so on. This industry is not going away; rather, it is expanding. You should learn how to win the game. here I have a list of some certification courses which will help you in building your profile as a commerce graduate:

eCommerce SEO course
Build, launch and manage eCommerce stores
eCommerce marketing course
eCommerce 2022 course
How to get a business online
eCommerce essentials
eCommerce fundamentals 
How to create an eCommerce store
eCommerce mail marketing 
Google Marketing platform
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