How to write SOPs and Resumes?

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As a crucial part of the eligibility criteria, the universities often demand LORs, SOPs, or entrance test scores to assess the candidates and their suitability for the chosen course. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one such element that beholds great value in the admission process of those aspiring to study abroad. Creating an alluring SOP is essential to help the assessment committee understand your willingness for the program you have applied for. 

Here is a step-by-step procedure that you can follow to curate an impressive statement of purpose (SOP)

1. The first step of the process of drafting a statement of purpose is to think about the varied aspects of your candidature that you should mention in it. The mandatory inclusions of an SOP are academic achievements (especially at the undergraduate level), prior work exposure, or volunteering experiences. 

2. Now you need to be honest in describing your career aspirations and objectives. Focus centrally on maintaining the authenticity of your mentioned details. Duly elaborate on your advantageous perception of the chosen course. 

3. Creatively cite your personal and professional interests. Mention what you are passionate about and what excites you. Then, sensibly connect it with your chosen program and how it will assist you in grooming your skills. For instance, you can state that you are aspiring to gain experiential learning or training in your desired industry through the course.

4. The word limit for a statement of purpose is between 500-1000. 
Do not miss out on the predefined sizes for spacing, margins, and font size. Try getting a second opinion but getting your SOP read from a friend or an experienced professional.

Talking about your resume, remember to mention your work experience, internships, and projects especially the ones related to the course you are applying for. Try to give importance to the quality of internships, and work experience over quantity.

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