Small doubt about MS in Computer Science. I have completed my engineering in 5 years which should be completed in 4 years and have no job experience can I able to do MS in USA .?

2017 I have joined engineering in Computer Science and I have to complete it in 2021 but it took me extra 6 months nearly 1 year extra I have completed my engineering in 2022 of July which should be completed in 2021 of September and having no experience in job and I am planning to come to USA can it be possible or is there any problem plzzz suggest any answer for my problem but I am interested to do MS in USA . Will there be any challenges which I have to face for completing my engineering in 5 years .

Asked by Jakkula Yeshwanth Rao over 1 year ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

Economics Undergrad Student || dep. Marketing Head at Enactus ARSD

Hello, you can absolutely get into US universities even if you got your BTech in 5 years. However, in order to be admitted to truly good universities, your profile must demonstrate that you have covered a lot of territories. Universities' admissions committees want to know what talents you've acquired and how you've compensated for your gap year. Admission to the top universities in the United States is extremely tough, with thousands of applications worldwide. If you can develop a comprehensive profile that includes various extracurricular activities, a research paper or two, a couple of relevant projects, internships, and good test prep scores, you will have a good chance of aiming a little higher.


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