Sir, in my 12th science math stream I got 47% which colleges should accept this percentage and I got 6.5 overall no less than 6 can you please suggest me some colleges to accept this kind of scenario?

Asked by Patel karan almost 2 years ago

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Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

Investment Banking Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co

Hey, champ no need to worry, the darkest hour of the night is just a step away from the dawn. If you are worried about admission to colleges, then there are various colleges that do not consider the percentage of the students, the only requirement regarding the 12th class is that the candidate should have completed his 12th class from a recognized board, that’s it! So first of all you need to clarify two things to me, what is the degree that you are going to pursue and which country or university you are targeting, then only I might be able to help you further. 

But there is some other piece of advice as well that I would like to share with you. I guess you are aware that your marks are a little low, and that thing can become a negative point in your application. So here are a few things that you should keep in mind;


  • Craft your other documents so beautifully that the low marks thing appears so faded in comparison to the other things that you are providing, 
  • The universities that do not set any marks or percentage criteria generally have an entrance test through which students can get admission, so make sure you excel in those tests, to prove that you are academically compatible with the university. 

To suggest you some colleges, I would first need some extra information such as the course you want to pursue and the country you are targeting, so if you could provide me with that information then I will suggest to you some best colleges straight away. 


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