Sir, I have actively two backlogs, but I can leave the subjects according to our university norms whether now I can apply to the universities.?

Asked by Phanindra about 1 year ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

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Hey, the effects of your backlogs on your college admission abroad depend upon which country and university you plan to apply for. Universities abroad that are highly ranked and have a very low acceptance rate will be exceedingly difficult to get into, and students will have to hunt for alternative renowned and highly ranked universities. However, in most nations, the number of efforts does not equal the number of backlogs. This means that clearing a backlog in three attempts is still one backlog, and clearing three backlogs in one effort is still three backlogs. Let me list down some of the countries and their backlog policies:

Canada: A minimum of 60% to 65% is necessary to apply for postgraduate study in Canada for a master's. If you are applying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Canada, you may have up to 12 backlogs. The universities solely have the authority to award degrees. So, if you have a higher number of backlogs, a PG Diploma rather than a university should be the way to go for post-graduation.
Germany: Germany is one of the countries that uses the number of attempts to calculate the backlog. Universities do not tolerate backlogs well. Top German universities, as well as many public universities, would not accept students with backlogs. However, several German universities accept applications from students with 5 backlogs/attempts.
USA: Because US universities are already competitive, only a few universities accept backlogs. The top universities do not prioritise applications with backlogs. Aside from the elite universities, several evaluate applications with 5 to 8 backlogs. The greater the backlog, the higher the GRE score required. A number of universities in the United States prefer high GRE scores, and if you have enough, your 5 to 7 backlogs may be approved.
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