Should I pursue Masters in Healthcare Administration or healthcare management?What are the best colleges for the degree in Canada?

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Nikhil Agarwal

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1. Healthcare Management
Leadership positions typically either concentrate on ongoing operations or more "big picture" strategic goals; this is also true in the healthcare sector.

Those who pursue careers in healthcare management strongly emphasize the overall management and broad picture of the company or particular department they are in charge of. Healthcare management professionals frequently collaborate with the organization's governing board to influence the overall direction by concentrating on the broad picture, such as creating the operation's business plan.

Job Titles in Healthcare Management

  • Healthcare Management Job Titles
  • Medical and health services manager Hospital administrator
  • Manager of administrative services
  • Manager of a medical clinic
  • Nursing home administrator
  • Health Compliance Officer or Manager

Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes provide direct patient care settings, as do businesses that support and supply patient care organizations. Consulting firms, pharmaceutical firms, and producers of medical gear are a few examples.

Roles and Responsibilities of Healthcare Managers

  • locating, coordinating, and managing outside partners and outsourced business services
  • the creation and upkeep of the organization's emergency protocols
  • promoting performance and engagement among employees
    defining the organization's goals for raising the standard of care
    aiming for total financial and operational effectiveness

2. Healthcare Administration
A healthcare administrator is responsible for supervising the daily operations of a department's or organization's clinical staff and the procedures used by the department or unit to carry out its duties.

Job titles in healthcare administration can include:

  • Clinic Director Hospice care director
  • Medical practice administrator
  • Consulting healthcare administrator
  • Home healthcare administrator

Healthcare administrators require knowledge in working with financial budgets, managing processes and projects, and the most current methods for luring and keeping top staff. Critical thinking, active listening, communication, and evidence-based decision-making are additional crucial abilities.

Healthcare administrative responsibilities are:

  • hiring and training employees
  • observing the work schedules and procedures of the personnel
  • establishing a good, secure workplace
  • setting objectives and goals for their department
  • establishing departmental budgets and distributing funds
  • approving the acquisition of required resources and equipment

Depending on the kind and size of the healthcare organization, healthcare administrators, as opposed to healthcare management, supervise the daily provision of patient care and services, frequently by department, unit, or even floor.

Healthcare Administration Courses in Canada: Top Canadian Institutions

  1. University of Newfoundland
  2. University of Toronto
  3. Dalhousie University
  4. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  5. Holland College
  6. Norquest College
  7. Mohawk College
  8. Confederation College
  9. St. Lawrence College
  10. Douglas College

These organizations have been successful and have significantly impacted students' lives by giving them the best education. These institutions are where a student looking for healthcare administration courses in Canada would discover them.


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