Should I get an MBA or Masters in Management Information Systems (MIS)?Why?

Asked by Sudheer Yadav over 1 year ago

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Neha Shah

Neha Shah

Undergrad Student at Miranda House

It seems you are looking for some specifics to proceed. So I would not be mentioning universal or earning facts here. For starters, your background is a factor. But sure it is flexible. But I would recommend putting an extra focus on your current standings.

Here is the reason, these both programs assign you different paths in the business world. The difference is a bit uncanny. MBA is more socialized. But do you know common popular professions in MIS? If you look it up you will find words like data science, strategy, computer, cybersecurity etc., associated with the managerial job titles. So even when you are a management graduate, all of your work revolves around tech and support. But the job will be managerial. So in a way, it shares and also neglects many principles of an MBA career.

Whereas MBA is a more industry oriented career degree. Yes there are complex specializations in MBA as well, but it does not give you in-depth tech knowledge. It is more business and management focused. Therefore, to answer your question, go with your interest, but keep in mind these two degrees are too different career wise. So it should be a tough decision to make.

I hope you find this helpful, or you need more intel on this?


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