Should I do MBA abroad after being a medical student in India?

Asked by Hrushikesh Kamble about 2 years ago

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Chirag Galundia

Chirag Galundia

Principal Product Manager Amazon

The first question you are going to ask yourself as a physician and agree with me, human beings will ask you this query a zillion times; Why MBA????

Now you can either go for

  • MBA in hospital management/healthcare management.
  • Gen MBA or PGDM/PGPM - The reputed B-schools have diploma programs, and in programs, you will have possibilities throughout all the industries, not only healthcare. And for obvious reasons, healthcare possibilities will be lesser in number.

Job Possibilities

  • Pharmaceutical corporations - Good area, exact prospect, Job description: Sales manager/product manager/medical advisor. I was not interested in sales. But the clinical guide role is quite good. It involves income as well.
  • Medical gadget companies - They surely select doctors with business/Management degrees. Same roles as a medical consultant, where you want to go to the hospitals and educate doctors and other human beings on how to use machines and market and sell the devices.
  • Insurance organizations - Product manager/Medical underwriter. In my opinion, product supervision is one of the first-class roles on offer where you get to plan an insurance scheme and see humans use it. Medical underwriters are the ones who appear at several faces more than giving a man or woman any form of insurance.
  • Hospitals - Operations/Manager. Roles generally require information on the operation (the subject in MBA).


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