5 Reasons why MIT Data Science is a good career option?

Asked by Raj Singh about 2 years ago

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Puneet Singh

Puneet Singh

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the best university in the USA. Did you know that most ranking websites put MIT as the #1 university worldwide? I mean if there weren't even 5 reasons to join MIT, do you think this would be a thing? MIT is basically a pretty overall university, don't mistake it for a technical university. There are more than enough things you have to know about MIT that mark it the best university in the world.

I have subscribed to the MIT Weekly newsletter and MIT daily just to be updated on things. You wouldn't believe what I’ve learned in a year with just those newsletters. All the major developments and high-level research in data science are conducted in MIT facilities with professors as well as students. Wait, did I just mention one of the five reasons already? Don’t worry; I have more than five reasons for you to join MIT. 

Live virtual sessions by MIT Faculty - There are live weekly virtual sessions that are conducted by MIT with the faculty in data science and machine learning. They have personalized mentorship available there. It's not just data science, but other subjects have also made updated. You can learn and grow with just these live sessions.

Build your Data Science Portfolio - Basically, MIT data science allows you to work on 2 hands-on projects and a 3-week capstone project using Python. You can get to work with actual scenarios and real-world problems in these projects. Compressing tooth universities, MIT has the best sources and affiliations to make it more worthwhile.

STEM Classification - The Master of Business Analytics program at MIT qualifies as a STEM-designated program. This allows international students to extend their training in the country by 24 months after graduation. Having an extra period to get your hands on extra something is always good. This is mainly to improve students' experience and contribute to the community. However, this feature is more student-specific.

Opportunity to Conduct Research with Faculty - You can get to explore a diverse array of applications and methodologies in operations research and analytics at MIT by applying for a research assistantship with affiliated faculty and senior staff from MIT Sloan and MIT Operations Research Center.

#1 Ranked University - MIT is hands down the best all-around university globally. It's not only justified by major rankings, but the industrial experts say the same thing. The features and services available at MIT campuses are way more advanced, and many major developments in the city have their involvement.

Are these five reasons enough for you to join MIT? Because I can go on and on about why you should consider data since and all the other courses at MIT. If you have any specific queries, let me know. I have more than enough knowledge of MIT to convince you.


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