Ranking of colleges for Master in Hotel management in France, Germany and Canada?

Asked by 95 Sakshar Roy about 2 years ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

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Hello Sakshar, how are you doing?

So first of all, hotel Management is more common here in India. Abroad countries usually offer hospitality and leisure courses for this subject. You don’t need to worry actually. Hospitality is a broader subject that covers management in all kinds of sectors like hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, transport and more. So in a way, you will have better career choices.

And sorry to inform you but Germany is not really focused on hospitality masters. Though you can find some certificate hospitality courses in Germany that are nearly effective. But if you ask me, I would either go for Canada and more specially; France. The French hospitality sector is huge and filled with international influence. And more French universities offer more industrial influence in their academics. So basically you will have a more hands-on experience.

I know for a fact that Vatel in France is among the top hospitality B-schools in the world. But in case I have some interesting options available for you. Take a look -

1. Vatel, Hotel and Tourism Business School (France)
2. University of British Columbia (Canada)
3. SAIT Polytechnic - School of Hospitality and Tourism (Canada)
4. ESSEC Business School (France)
5. Berlin school of Business and Innovation (Germany)

I would go to Canada only in need of a more universally recognized degree. No wonder UBC, UC and SAIT are all good but Franch environment is just better. It's more diverse, elegant and rich in culture and heritage. So to summarize; France first, Canada second and then Germany.

Let me know if this helped and if you want more detailed information about anything. 



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