Process of taking education loan to study in Germany?

Asked by Jeevitha T D almost 2 years ago

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Abhishek Ahluwalia

Abhishek Ahluwalia

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To get an education loan to study in Germany, you have to follow some steps. It's easier to get help from a counselor to do so. Besides, you must already have so many things going in your mind for you to study abroad. Anyway let's see what are the major things you should know here.

First of all you have to meet the criteria to apply for an education loan. For that you need to be eligible. Now the eligibility criteria for this is very simple. You just have to be a citizen of the country (home country where you will be applying for a loan), you should be at least 18 years of age and lastly, your admission letter is a must. So make sure these things. Also, money lenders ask for job-oriented course admission.

After that you will need to gather some necessary documents. Since your study abroad process contains so many things, the documents here are not flexible. In many cases you will be asked to offer even more than necessary for security reasons. But one thing that comes in handy is that it's a student loan. Generally, banks and financial institutions facilities easier way around for students.

So the documents are; ID, address, PAN card, multiple guarantors, cost of study documents, loan application and lastly your admission letter. After this it's pretty much fone.You just need to apply for the loan at a lender aka bank. You will be asked to fill out the loan application with document submission. Post that, your application will  be revered by the proper authorities and go through numerous checks.

Keep in mind that the bank will require the loan sanction letter to be signed by both you and the co application. This should not be any challenge, right? So, is it clear enough for you to go through this. If I advise, take help from MentR-Me. They have successfully sent thousands of students abroad for studies in many countries. Having a home expert to handle these things is better than wasting your valuable time running here and there. Thanks.


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