Please suggest a University for MBA Strategic Management in UK?

Asked by Gnanasingh Arputhadas over 1 year ago

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh

Study Abroad Expert

Masters in Strategic Management in the United Kingdom is a programme designed to prepare students to design and implement effective strategies in both the public and private sectors. Strategic Management masters in the UK also help students gain insight into working in both corporate and start-up environments. Strategic management is developing and implementing major initiatives and plans by an organization's top management to achieve organisational goals. MSc Strategic Management UK prepares graduates to evaluate, formulate, and implement strategies and decisions that will assist an organisation in achieving its goals. MSc Strategic Management in the UK provides students with the expertise and knowledge needed to plan a company strategy. This is accomplished through internships and research opportunities that may be available in upcoming semesters. In addition to oral and written exams, students pursuing an MSc in Strategic Management in the UK are expected to submit a thesis research project. Graduates of the Masters in Strategic Management programme in the United Kingdom work in both the private and public sectors. Here is a list of colleges that you can target:

Cranfield University
Lancaster University
University of Warwick 
University of Leeds
University of Manchester
University of Southampton
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