Please give suggestions for PG courses after BCA in India vs abroad opportunities. With pros and cons?

Asked by Anas almost 2 years ago

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Ajay Tewani

Ajay Tewani

Investment Analyst at IFC - World Bank Group | IIM Ahmedabad | CA | CFA Level III

As you must know there are some technical master courses available as well that fits your subject area. Here are my suggestion -


  • Master in Information Management
  • Master in Computer Management


  • MSc. Information Technology
  • MSc. Computer Science
  • MSc. Artificial Intelligence

A MIM course may interest you. In general these are integrated courses that are very popular nowadays. Because MIM integrated courses have the technical subject mixed with management knowledge, they give you a wider industry to work with. Like if you want to work as manager in a slightly different job line you can do it with knowledge and skills you acquire from a MIM degree.

The other kind of course is more directional. Like if you go for MSc courses in computer related areas, you will be more involved with the ford itself. The job and career opportunities for you will be bigger but only flexible to some extent. One of the biggest perks of this course is that getting a specialized knowledge in your preferred subject makes you an in-demand individual. Also, it adds up with experience.

Pros & cons of a MIM integrated masters -

Pros; Wider area to work with, transferable skill sets and executive job roles after gaining some experience. Cons; edging from the main subject, no research based career options and limited to managerial jobs.

Pros & cons of subject oriented masters -

Connected job/career opportunities, research based career options and more specialized knowledge. Cons; not much flexibility, value based profession and limited to the subject.

I hope this information is enough to clear your mind on this topic. But if you want an answer based on your requirements, you have to share your profile. I can see your test scores and academics to find the best masters for you. So hit me up and I’ll try to be of help as much as I can.


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