Planning for Master in Management in France. Can you guide me on good colleges, IELTS and GMAT score?

Asked by Dhruvi Patel about 1 year ago

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It is no longer surprising that France has a wide range of top programmes that are also ranked by The Economist and Financial Times because France is where the Master in Management degree was first offered. In addition, a MIM typically enhances your resume and aids in your ability to land a high-paying position with reputable employment agencies in France.

The top French schools offering master's degrees in management are listed below:

1. University: Excel    
Course: MSc in Global Luxury Management and Innovation    
Fees: Rs 17.3 Lakhs

2. University: NEOMA Business School    
Course: Master In Management    
Fees: Rs 12.7 Lakhs

3. University: Montpellier Business School    
Course: MSc in International Business    
Fees: Rs 10.0 Lakhs

4. University: HEC Paris    
Course: Master in Management- Grande Ecole    
Fees: Rs 24.4 Lakhs

5. University: ESSEC Business School
Course: MSc in Management    
Fees: Rs 20.1 Lakhs

For example, about 40% of HEC Paris (France) graduates give weight to business benefits, and about a third do not.

The total yearly beginning salaries of graduates from the top 10 colleges in the region ranged from $78,000 (INR 58,04,596.20) to  $113,000 (INR 84,09,222.70). (School of St Gallen).

Some universities may advise or require a GRE score, a GMAT with an average of 702 points, or a similar GRE result. Although it is not necessary when looking into a master's programme in France. There are numerous choices available to you without a GRE requirement.


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