on what basis should I choose my country for masters?

my_qualifications: B.E in IT. I am planning to masters in Fall 23, after i complete my engineering, my goal is to settle abroad in Europe specially Netherlands. But my main confusion is where should I do my masters from, should I do it from U.S get some 2-3 years work experience and then apply for work visa or i should do my masters from Netherlands/E.U itself. My main reason for doing masters in U.S is job surety and i would be able to pay my loan, but not sure about same thing in E.U.

Asked by Shivam Ghodke over 1 year ago

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Neha Shah

Neha Shah

Undergrad Student at Miranda House

Since you have asked on what basis you should choose a country for your master's, I would say start by making a list of the things in which you were genuinely interested and confident of finding a long-term job. then select the one that most closely matches your area of expertise. Even if you succeed in your career for the name alone, you will eventually find yourself in the incorrect position. The majority of European nations are expensive, and your chances of finding employment after completing your MS degree are slim. The main issue is that they interact in many languages, such as French, German, and others, where English may not be the official language. Students are often interested in visiting the US because there are many options and no language barriers. There are many employment opportunities in the US during and after study. Looking at your qualifications, you will easily get into any top college in the USA, so I would say your plan is very solid carry on with it, and if you want to know about any particular university in the USA, then just ask us, and we will help you out.


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