My Tofel score is 99 so in this college give me an offer letter?

Asked by Jigar patel over 1 year ago

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Manash Bhattacharjee

Manash Bhattacharjee

Second year Undergraduate Student at Loughborough University

The average TOEFL score is the 50th percentile, which is a total score of 84 on the iBT and somewhere between 550 and 589 on the PBT. The average/50th percentile score means that exactly half (50%) of all people who took the test earned less than an 84 on the iBT and half earned more than an 84. 

As a general rule, earning a higher than average score means that you’ve earned a good score. Anything above an 84 on the iBT or a 570(ish) on the PBT could, therefore, be considered a good TOEFL score. 

The problem is that different schools require different TOEFL scores, so getting a slightly higher than average score might not be enough to get you into the school you want. 

Most schools have a minimum threshold score that you must earn to be accepted into the program. This means that a good TOEFL score depends on what you need—if your school requires that applicants earn a minimum score of 80 on the iBT TOEFL, then a score of 80 or 81 would be a good iBT TOEFL score. But if your dream school requires that applicants earn a total score of 110 on the iBT, then a good TOEFL score for you would be above the 90th percentile. 

Many schools require applicant TOEFL scores of either 90 or 100 total points on the iBT or 580 or 600 on the PBT. So a score above 90 on the iBT or above 580 on the PBT is generally considered a pretty good score. But, again, whether you got a “good” or “bad” score depends on what you need your scores to do for you! 

So tell me more about the course that you wish to pursue and if you have any school preferences and I shall check if your score is good for the same. 


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