My HSC CGPA is 5.6 will I get admission to the universities in Canada?

Asked by Sherlin Yacob about 1 year ago

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Aman Soren

Aman Soren

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : Canada

There are few things that you should think about before any different thing;

First of all, is this your ultimate CGPA and your diploma is conferred? If yes, then no worries, I will discuss it below. If no, then there is nevertheless a risk for improvement. Improve your preceding topics in which you have low grades like the ones with C, C- and D specially and attempt to impenetrable at-least a B- in them. Also, apart from improving the previous ones, try to be invulnerable in your cutting-edge subjects especially in your closing year undergraduate mission and thesis. And if there is any chance try to have a research publication in your skill set.

Now let’s come to the part if this is your remaining CGPA which is 2.84. First you want to discover what your aggregated percentage is. Now, why is that? Because, in most countries with a 4 grading scale the equivalent percentage varies as per specific universities. In few universities, three is 70% but in few universities with a strict grading device 3 is 75%, so that’s indeed a dilemma. Therefore, you want to calculate your aggregate percentage, as share is one thing, that is no longer gonna exchange in any grading scale no count number it’s Canadian or German or US.

Now let us come to your unique scenario. If your aggregated percentage is above 70%, then you would be eligible for at-least two or 3 universities for graduate studies in Canada. Also, do check the Departmental requirements as few applications have greater educational necessities than normal graduate academic requirements. By the way, I think your share would be in all likelihood greater than 72%. Anyway, if it's larger than 70% you are correct to go and just apply. However, nobody can guarantee you admission no longer a single person. So just do your homework, and apply to as many universities as you can. It's a hundred CAD for each college in Canada and you can additionally observe in greater than one application in a university.

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