My degree will end in June 2023 , as per the Calicut University's wish. So when should I apply for a master's in Economics at a Korean university?

The time of application to Seoul national university to study M.A. economics with scholarship

Asked by Agneya.k.p almost 2 years ago

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Chirag Galundia

Chirag Galundia

Principal Product Manager Amazon

Well, it depends on how serious you are. Because you can start applying now or later when the admission cycle opens. The only thing is that popular universities get too many applications, with every intake and admission window the available seats get lesser. Therefore, applying early would be a smart choice if you ask me.

Now I don’t want you to start applying years before. But since you’ll be finishing your degree in 2023, it will be smart if you start preparing right now. Most South Korean universities have two intakes; spring and autumn. The spring intake happens in September/November. The autumn intake happens in May/June. You can go with either of these intakes. Based on the decision your preparation will be decided.

For instance, if you choose spring intake 2023, you should apply around fall intake of 2022. This allows you to have a 6 months period to take care of everything. Many students also apply a whole year before. But I don’t think that will be necessary as there is more than enough time for it. At this point, you can choose any of the intakes. 

One thing I want to suggest is to start practicing on your SOP, LORs and Essays. Ask any expert and they will tell you to do this as soon as possible. Anyway, does this answer your question or do you want some more details? If you have specific questions, just ask me. I remember when I was applying for universities abroad, happy to help a student anytime possible.


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