Can I do an MSc in Business Analytics after having a bachelor's degree in Psychology?

hi, i have just recently completed my bachelors in Psychology and wanted to change my feild and was looking at option. i ended up liking Msc in business analytics. so can i pursue MSC after having a bacholers degree in psychology i have been asking around some say yes you can some say no you cannot but psychology isnt something i want to pursue anymore and was really confused about thing.

Asked by Sam Rajan about 2 years ago

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Ritu Jain

Ritu Jain

Student at Shri Ram College of Commerce

It depends. Not because of your subjects but because of the degree you get. Basically a psychology bachelor in India is 3-years long (I assume if you are looking for a MSc abroad, your bachelor must be from here only). MSc in Business Analytics is as much a business program as it is a STEM course. Therefore there are things to consider here.

For instance, some counties allow you to apply for a general masters with either a 3-year or a 4-year bachelors. But in cae the MSc in Business Analytics is a STEM course (which it is in some cases), you may be asked for a 4-year undergraduate degree. The UK in particular will allow you to apply with 3-years of bachelor. The USA on the other hand can be both yes and no.

But to answer it simply; YES, you can definitely do an MSc in Business Analytics after having a bachelor degree in psychology. Abroad universities generally do not care which background you are from. Only in a few cases as I mentioned, a STEM course or say a dedicated technical master program where you are asked for certain subjects in your undergrad.

There are many options for MSc in Business Analytics. Since it is a business course, you can find it in many business schools in many countries. Therefore students with a 3-year bachelors don't face much trouble as there are many options. One thing you want to consider though is selecting the right location. Business business courses are subject to exposure and finding a right environment is crucial for a good career development.

Hope it cleared your doubts. If you need any specific information anything related to abroad studies and universities, feel free to ask.


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