MS in Data Science in USA fees, top schools, placements and programs?

Asked by Rohit Sen over 1 year ago

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Your choice of country is already nice. Data science was named the #1 profession in the USA last year. Not to mention, it is the most sought-after subject course in abroad countries. If you look at the application numbers, most international students are applying for data science courses in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany etc.

Starting chronologically to your question; fees! See, the common range of data science courses in the USA is anywhere from $20,000 and can reach around $75,000 for the entire duration of the course. Bigger universities will of course charge bigger tuition and the average ones could be covered by around 20-30k USD. The USA is a costly country that’s for sure but the ROI you get post-graduation justifies it.

The top schools in the USA are very popular actually. If you check out the top rankings, you will find most of the universities belonging to the USA. Names like UC Berkeley represent the best of the best school for data science. Take a look, I have selected a few universities for you -

University of California Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon University
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign
Cornell University

UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon and Georgia Institute of Technology are some of the top names in data science. If you are passionate about data science, I would definitely recommend these three universities above all. Their graduation rate, employment, and return on investment (ROI) are more than impressive. If your qualification is good enough and has a solid budget, start preparing for it right now.

The other two are your second options. Cornell and the University of Illinois Urbana are very prestigious universities in the USA. They are a little more affordable than the top three ones and have almost the same degree value. USA universities have really good placement records where more than 95% of graduates from good universities find jobs within 3 months of their course completion.

Here are the best course you can do in data science in USA -

Data Science
Big Data
Business Analytics
Data Statistics
Machine Learning

These are the top five specialized areas in data science right now. Most students who target data science eventually turn to these areas of expertise. They are popular and high in demand in the market. So that’s all. Did this all clear your doubts? If I missed something, do let me know. I’ll see if I can help any more.



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