MBA or MSC which would be better. And definitely abroad. If not then in any IIT or IIM. ( Don't worry I'll crack the exam)?

I'm a mechanical Engineer who is working in IT I am confused which course to choose master's or MBA, and let's say if MBA what should the elective which would be different and make me stand out all the regular one's

Asked by Ramesh almost 2 years ago

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Kimaya Nigam

Kimaya Nigam

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : USA

It’s good to hear that you are confident about cracking exams, though I suggest you choose the degree per your requirement. The MSc degree is only available in one field, which implies it will only cover one core subject or specialisation of business. So, if one wishes to pursue a profession in a specialised subject, such as finance, an MSc is the ideal choice. An MBA, on the other hand, is a comprehensive degree. You can opt to focus on one topic of business during the final semester, but you will still learn about various business basics throughout the course. While an MSc is very specialised, an MBA is more generic and delves into detail about how businesses work in general. The degree you choose should also be based on the field you intend to pursue after completing the course. If you want to start any form of business, an MBA is the best option. There may come the point when you wish to strike out on your own and establish your own business. Unfortunately, an MSc will not help you with this. If you intend to specialise in one topic throughout your career, an MSc is the best option because you will be an expert in that field. If you have any other questions, just ask me.


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