What is the process to do an MBA in Canada, and what are the documents required?

Asked by Meghana about 1 year ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

Business Finance | Venture Capital | IIM Calcutta

Basically, all you have to do is meet the requirements asked by universities in Canada. Almost everywhere the required eligibility and documents are the same for MBA degrees. Whether it is a Canadian MBA or you choose USA, UK or Australia for it, the basic things remain the same with a few tweaks.

So for the simplest process to do an MBA, I suggest keeping it in steps. This way it’ll be simplified and won’t get too complex. Because your higher education is very important and you shouldn't take it lightly. So first, gather all your academic transcripts. Most important ones being, your undergrad degree, school reports, certificates etc. With these things keep your passport, ID, photographs prepared.

For the next step, you have to choose a Canadian university and an MBA program. With this done, you can start on your application right away. Given that you already have attempted GMAT and a language proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL or PTE). These two tests are necessary if you wish to enrol for an MBA in Canada or other countries. You can take these two as the most essential documents.

After you apply and submit your application, you can wait for the university response. It generally takes 3-4 weeks for a standard institute to inform students regarding their application. If you get enrolled (which I hope you do), you can start applying for scholarships and your visa. This can only be done after you receive your admission letter. Because the admission letter is required in these procedures.

I hope this gave you an idea of your question. However, if you are really looking for an MBA in Canada, you have a lot of work to do. I know it can be a bit difficult to do it all by yourself. So you should directly get in touch with Study Abroad Experts here for FREE. They will not just help you with all the information but also assist you in the complete application process. 

Let me know if this helps and if you want any other information from my end. 



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