May I know the cost of my studies in canada?

Asked by Hindu prasath 12 months ago

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Hey, The tuition fees charged by universities form a significant portion of the cost of studying in Canada. The total cost depends on a multitude of factors like the type of course, its international reach, reputation, the city of study, etc. Thus, the average cost of studying in terms of tuition fees in some of the best colleges in Canada can go up to CAD 35,000 (INR 18,84,000).

PG course fees - The international student will have to shell out an average of CAD 18,000 (INR 9,54,000) in tuition fees, per year. The management (MBA) programs, in particular, are very expensive courses. While the average cost of studying Executive MBA courses is CAD 57,000 (INR 30,31,000), the tuition fee for regular MBA programs is approximately CAD 28,000 (INR 14,75,000). 

LIVING COSTS - Besides the tuition fees, accommodation expenses also form an important part of the cost of living in Canada. While on-campus residences are offered by several universities, you can live off-campus as well. Depending on the types of rooms and apartments, the cost may range from around CAD 5,000 (INR 2,67,000) to CAD 10,000 (INR 5,39,000) per annum.

The following is a list of scholarships available in Canada for Indian students.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program
President’s Scholarship for World Leaders
International Leader of Tomorrow Award
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF)
The Seneca Renewable Entrance Scholarship of Merit for International Students
Assist-on Scholarship

Let me know the exact course and city to know more details!


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