Which are the top 5 universities for Masters in Entrepreneurship?

Asked by Genestien over 1 year ago

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Nipun Mahajan

Nipun Mahajan


I would like to recommend doing a  Master's in Entrepreneurship from the USA only. It's not like I’m sponsored by the USA or something but it's just because of records. The USA is the best place for startup businesses compared to any other country. And the country is a hub for entrepreneurship and business. You will be more secure this way in terms of employment opportunities. Below is a list of the top 5 options that I suggest for a Masters in Entrepreneurship-

1. Babson College 
2. Stanford University
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4. University of California, Berkeley
5. Harvard University

Without a doubt, Babson College is the first pick because of the fact that the institute has been ranked #1 in entrepreneurship for years. Their unique way to teach shift and implementation for business demands is the primary reason for this. 

Secondly, Stanford and Harvard are basically your go-to options if you want an extensive field. You will basically get more recognition and a bigger network. And we know how important those are for a startup or entrepreneurship. On the other hand, MIT and UCB are more directional options like if you are set on some core elements or modules. So basically it's up to you which you prefer, but Babson is the overall best option.

It would be much more convenient for me to give you relevant information if you have given some more information like what jobs you want, or which sector you are aiming for in entrepreneurship etc. Even your grades can help decide your best possible options here. 

So hit me up with all the information about your profile and preferences and I shall help you with my insights. 



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