List of colleges in Canada for undergraduate studies?

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In Canada, the undergraduate study begins after completing senior secondary or high school and typically lasts three to five years to complete (resulting in a bachelor's degree). In Canada, a bachelor's degree offers a wider variety of courses, such as sciences, mathematics, humanities, history, and engineering (primarily provided by universities and a few other organizations).

Top Canadian Universities for Bachelor's Degrees

  1. University of Toronto    
  2. McGill University
  3. The University of British Columbia    
  4. University of Montreal    
  5. University of Alberta
  6. McMaster University
  7. University of Ottawa
  8. University of Calgary
  9. University of Waterloo
  10. Western University
  11. Dalhousie University
  12. University Laval
  13. Queen's University
  14. Simon Fraser University    
  15. University of Manitoba    

Canadian bachelor's degree prices
Canada's average cost of a bachelor's degree in CAD 30,000 (INR 16,15,00), with costs ranging from CAD 12,000 (INR 6,46,000) to CAD 30,000. (INR 16,15,00). Following is a list of the main bachelor's degree disciplines offered in Canada and an overview of the costs associated with each discipline.

CAD 22,000 for engineering and medicine (INR 11,69,000)
Business, management, and humanities courses range from CAD 5,500 (INR 2,96,000) to CAD 6,500. (INR 3,50,000)

The ability to work while pursuing a bachelor's degree in Canada is a notable additional benefit. International students in Canada who wish to work in addition to their education must apply for a work permit. Students have the option of working on or off campus. It is necessary to have a Canadian work permit in any instance. Candidates are permitted to work 20 hours per week with the work permit, valid for the course duration. Over the holidays or during semester vacations, the number of hours worked each week can be increased. In addition, you may manage your finances in Canada and gain the necessary field expertise by working as a student.

Numerous Canadian colleges assist students in managing their educational expenses. There are many scholarships available to undergraduate students. The following categories can be used to group the scholarships:

  • Waiving of Tuition fee
  • Scholarships by Provincial Government
  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Grants based on needs and bursaries by college
  • Scholarships by private organizations

One of the most important things to bear is that you can apply for a Bachelor's program in Canada without knowing your Class 12 results or IELTS score. You get admitted to the universities based on your grade report from class eleven. However, when your offer letter arrives, you will be required to present your Class 12 results.


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