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Subjects like Law are a little different from the rest of the subjects. Basically, when you are targeting law courses of universities, in particular, you need the absolute best ones. For example, universities like Harvard, Yake, and Oxford are the best news you can get for law courses. Whether it is an undergraduate or graduate degree, these universities will give you a significant value.

Basically, foreign universities have a reputation in the country. When you do a master's program in Law, your graduation degree holds a certain value. The bigger the university, the bigger your degree. If you check popular law firms, you will see that they hire graduates from a particular university. For example, the best law firms in a country only prefer to hire graduates from Harvard University (or any other for that matter).

All this means that the most popular and biggest universities name you know are the best ones for you. So if you want law university suggestions, consider these ones -

Harvard University - USA
Yale University - USA
Columbia University

University of Oxford - UK
University of Cambridge - UK
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

So the first three ones are your best law universities in the USA. While the rest three are from the UK. Now it's not possible to tell which country will be better. Because whichever location you choose, you will learn about the local government and regulations in your course. So it literally comes down to your personal preference. Think hard about which country and lifestyle you prefer and make a decision. I mentioned just these two countries because both of these are the biggest economies in the world. You will get better post-grad opportunities there.

Law programs are very extensive and very valuable. After graduation, you get to work in many roles and in many types of organizations. As we know, almost every firm/company requires a lawyer or consultant. So the job prospects are good for law masters. 


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