I did Bsc in 2019. Can I do a master's in data science from any USA university if yes then what's the cost and eligibility.?

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh

Study Abroad Expert

Gap years don’t always mean bad; it depends on how you utilise them. If you did nothing and just wasted those years then your study abroad, admission is next to impossible, but if you pursued some course or were gaining work experience related to the course, this can boost your chances of getting admission. It is true that studying in the United States is costly. A data science course in the United States would cost between INR 30,00,000 and INR 55,00,000. Let me just give you an overview of the eligibility criteria for pursuing a master’s in Data science in the US:

Minimum GRE and GMAT scores range from 280 to 310, depending on the university.
Higher Secondary Education Certificate includes required subjects such as physics, chemistry, and math.
A four-year bachelor's degree in a STEM field, or a BTech or BE degree in Computer Science, Physical Science, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computing, Statistics, or Engineering.
International students must have a GPA of at least 3 out of 4 in order to graduate. The GPA requirement will be higher for ranked educational institutions such as Stanford and MIT.
IELTS score of 7 or higher for English proficiency.
A letter of recommendation and a statement of purpose (SOP).
Several universities in the United States offer MS degrees in Data Science. However, here are the top ten universities where you should consider studying:

Stanford University
Columbia University
Harvard University
Yale University
New York University
University of  Southern California
Indiana University Bloomington 
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Boston University
University of Washington
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