Is the UK good for a PG Diploma in supply chain management?What are the job scope?What will be the cost of college or university and the cost of living?

Asked by Malay Vagadiya almost 2 years ago

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vandana sinha

vandana sinha

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The UK is a good option for a pgd in supply chain management. I can assure you that it is one of the best-paid areas in the UK. The country is already the centre figure of the European business industry. And supply chain management is a huge factor in business administration. It makes sense to do a pgd in supply chain management from the UK.

The UK is a much more stable choice for your interested course compared to other countries. The UK and other European countries are very interlinked. You will be able to apply for jobs in supply chain management in any significant country in Europe. I’m not saying it will also be the best-paid jobs, but they can be. Europe is the biggest and most stable economy. The job scope in supply chain management from the UK is excellent.

If you aim for the best colleges or universities for your degree, it can cost you from INR 20-30 lakhs tuition per year. These courses can last from 1-2 years maximum. And do not forget that UK universities are famous for fast-paced degree programs. So you have control to finish your course early and save some of your finances. In another case, if you are satisfied with B-tier colleges, you can expect yearly tuition around INR 15-20 lakh.

The cost of living in the UK is also very flexible. Based on your location, it can change drastically. Because we know cities like London, Oxford and Cambridge will cost more. From a 2019 survey of over 3,000 university students, the total cost of living in the UK was determined £809 per month. It is equivalent somewhere around INR 81 thousand. Hence, the yearly cost is around INR 97.8 lakhs. This number may seem high, but it is only the average figure.

Let me know if you have gone through any colleges on your own? I can help you with more information on the application process, profile requirements, costs etc. for those colleges. 



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